Meeting & Event Planners

Corporate meeting planners looking for an enterprise solution

Meeting & Event Planners

  • Meeting Planners for either an association, or corporation can use destinNexGenMtgs as an enterprise solution and get the same results as if you were to utilize the services of a Travel Management Company, or a DMC.

    It is simple to build data, or you can use our database of suppliers. The reports are robust and the financial tracking is unmatched. It is a simple per person charge and no upfront cost to get started.

    Corporate meeting planners looking for an enterprise solution for the entire span of the organization are a perfect fit for destinNexGenMtgs. At a smaller level there is plenty of opportunity for using destinDIY.

  • An End To End Solution

    e-destinACCESS, Inc. (E-DA) provides meeting and event management technology. Beyond the RFP, our end to end solution will eliminate middleman markups and give budget control back to the user. Founded by an incentive industry veteran who created and operated a successful destination management company, our expertise runs deep in this space and our focus is narrow.

    We are the only technology company that has automated, operated and managed internal hotel destination service departments and concierge departments providing hotels with new revenue streams.