The destin NexGenMtgs enterprise solution contains destin DIY and therefore can expand beyond the meeting planning department allowing Executive Admins to utilize the same data, source hotels and operate with complete control.

Bizzsmarts for any corporation that has issues with knowing the MICE spend can easily implement controls over their travel management companies, DMC’s, hotels and much more.



Associations now have an enterprise solution with destin NexGenMtgs because there are no mark ups, they will have their own proprietary data and can of course source hotels.



SMERF (Social, Military, Education, Religious & Fraternal planners) now have an excellent tool with destin DIY. It is easy to manage any type of group, or meeting with ease. There are no markups, no waiting, organizes every single element is a simple to use dynamic structure. No more concerns with registration, hosted versus non-hosted – its all in destin DIY.