National Sales Meeting time is coming! 20/20 means perfect vision, and the upcoming 2020 can mean perfect NSM execution too!

Sales growth strategy is a plan executed throughout the year. Your NSM not only is a time to reflect on the prior year’s company revenue, but for you as the planner to create and execute an event from kickoff to training sessions to social activities that support the organization’s focus for 2020.

CLi WorldWide offers 2 NEW meeting and event support services to help with execution of your action plan.

CLi DIY is a cloud based software application that allows planners to enter all of your own activities and suppliers, or book our services from the catalog, and from this all-inclusive, easy to use, single entry platform you can send suppliers Purchase Orders, have your Itinerary and load-in schedule, offer online registration for attendees, and offer an online booking experience for hosted or non-hosted offerings. Click here to watch our video and learn more.

CLi Meeting Planner Concierges are now available to support you in sourcing all of your meeting and event needs. You will have an experienced team of professionals supported with proprietary software to deliver you with the highest level of customer service. You will be provided a personal dashboard that contains all of your important reports, all accessible 24/7 from any devise. Your documents will include Program Itinerary, Participant reports (what attendees signed up for what), Arrival and Departure schedules and an online registration tool that provides your attendees with their own personal dashboard that includes their own Itinerary, a flight change link, departure notices etc. For more information click here: Bizzsmarts. Meetings & Events done the smart way.

Let us help you create an event that incorporates your brand and core values. Your sales professionals will leave ready to execute another year’s sales strategy and you will be proud of your accomplishment.

Time for your NSM is creeping up but there is still time and we can help.

Send us a request now to get started. Request for Proposal